Why Do We Let Failure Get Promoted?

In 2018 I was appalled to hear that a member of the UCPS School Board used the 'n' word. I'm not putting the context of the usage here because it doesn't matter. From singing along to your favorite songs to repeating a joke you heard on tv, it's never ok for a white person to use that word. Dennis Rape was put in a corner and all his voting powers were removed as Melissa Merrill and Gary Sides feigned outrage at the incident. As it turns out they weren't actually mad at him for saying the quiet part out loud, but used it as an excuse to remove someone they didn't like.

So how did a racist win an election to become a county commissioner?

I've been wrestling with this for several years now and it's become more of an itch as it has the possibility to happen again with Melissa Merrill. A proven racist, currently sitting on our school board is running for county commissioner, and has a strong possibility of winning!

Do I live in a majority racist county? I don't believe that. I really don't. I believe that people get so hung up on identity politics that they stop looking at candidates and look for the little (R) or (D) next to a candidates name. It's the main reason that all (except town) races have a

partisan slant. Why should a judge have a party next to their name? Why would a county commissioner's opinion of the 2nd Amendment matter in a local election?

I encourage all voters to take a step back, and evaluate the candidates based on their platforms and, when feasible, past performances. Melissa Merrill's racism and failures on the school board are as well documented as Dennis Rape's racism and Stony Rushing's continued votes to raise taxes.

Stop rewarding failure with promotion!

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