When Will it Happen Here?

Last month there was a shooting in Buffalo. A terrorist went into a supermarket with the intention of killing people of color. The shooter had been brainwashed into thinking that racial minorities in our country are a growing threat to the white population in America. If you are unfamiliar, the Great Replacement theory is the idea that minorities, those already existing here and those who have immigrated, are part of a movement to dilute the vote of the white population and take over the country*.

Most of us Americans look at this as something that is far-fetched, fringe, and not going to happen here. But this is no longer the outsider right-wing thinking; this is the current Republican platform that many candidates across the country are building their campaigns on**. Even popular Russian journalist Tucker Carlson talks about this as a Democratic plot to steal elections***. We must wake up to realities and start preparing for this exact scenario.

White supremacists present the gravest terror threat to the United States, according to a draft report from the Department of Homeland Security.****

Don't think that Union County is in danger of this threat? The following screenshots were taken from public profiles within the borders of Union County…with only a few minutes of searching. I want to thank the individual who sent these to me, but for obvious reasons I won’t be sharing their name.

One of the above comments is from the local “Moms for Liberty” group; This group is known for trying to eliminate books written by Black authors and boasts members such as Melissa Merrell and Gary Sides along with many of their biggest online supporters. The other comments were found on public Facebook profiles from prominent business owners in Union County. Some of these threats go back years and one may assume that after a few years they’re not an active threat to the community. However, it was a year ago that the Buffalo shooter drew attention from law enforcement for threats before finally acting.

We must come to grips with the fact that some folks are lost. They have been led down paths of misinformation and hate and can’t be trusted to exist in a loving society. We can’t change everyone’s mind with truth and love. We can try, but we should focus on what’s important. Let’s work on creating a county where these folks are outnumbered. Let’s stop them from getting their leaders, who feed this beast of hate, into office. It may not take much for one of the folks spouting off on Facebook to decide to walk into one of our grocery stores with a gun to target people of color.

In order to prepare for the “gravest terror threat” to Union County our leaders should be taking this seriously and not encouraging the issue.***** They should not be downplaying the issued faced by students as outlined on Instagram with accounts such as @blackatWeddington and @blackatMarvin. They should not have created a diversity committee only to disband it after the newspaper headlines stopped without taking a single step to improve the lives of the students in Union County. Lies about stolen elections and replacement theory shouldn’t be part of mainstream talk coming from our leaders. The folks who represent ALL Union County residents should know better than to push these folks but that’s their voting base.

This issue needs to be addressed by our highest-level county leaders so first I will ask; what are the current county commissioners doing to combat the issue? What are our leaders doing to make sure that every resident feels safe in Union County?

At the end of the day, it's not if it’s going to happen in Union County, it's when.



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