Time to Get to Work!

The Republican primary has ended.

Now the fun begins!

I would like to say that I am looking forward to a mature campaign. I would lie to say that I look forward to meeting my opponents on neutral and not so neutral turf to discuss the issues facing this county and how we’ll deal with them. There’s no reason to go for personal attacks or talk about issues unrelated governing the county.

Here’s to hoping…

While I have your attention, another interesting thing happened the week before the primary. All the candidates, including those of us who didn’t have a primary, had to file our first-quarter financial statements. This kind of thing usually flies under the radar in local elections. Without a media giant with a team of researchers, how is this information supposed to reach the public? Lucky for you, I’ve finished my lunch and have a few extra minutes on my hands.

Money raised and spent wasn’t too extreme among the candidates that will be on the November ballot. Everything seems to be in line with what you’d expect. The exception being that Dennis Rape and Parker Mills each raised $36k and $47k respectively, but they’re no longer in the race. However, who was making contributions should be a concern for all.

Stony received donations from 10 people. Three of them don’t have to have their name listed because the amounts were small, in accordance with election law. However, three of the remaining 7 donors were developers. The ONE issue that everyone in the county can agree on is that Union County is being overdeveloped and Stony took donations from three of the folks that will be petitioning for more building without contributing to infrastructure. While Melissa Merrell’s and Brian Helms’ contributors don’t raise as many red flags, they were all working together and accepted money from Stony’s campaign.

For transparency, I have raised $2,130 since I started my campaign. I haven’t had to start campaigning yet and this is a grassroots donation campaign. This is not a plea for money (although if you find some spare change in your couch cushions…) but rather a promise.

I promise that I will never accept a donation from a developer who profits off our taxes.

A representative who takes money from developers in Union County should not be trusted to work on behalf of its citizens. We hear folks complain time and time again that money in politics is a corrupter. Well, put your words to action. If you don’t think that your preferred candidate should take money from developers, builders, construction contractors, or anyone else profiting from the over-development of Union County speak up!

Vote for me in November and you’ll have every bit of confidence that when a decision to build needs to be made, it was made in the best interest of the county, not because of a campaign donation. (

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