The Red Wall of Obstruction

What is their obsession with walls? I'm not a fan of the walls that the ultra-right wing folks are wanting to build. First the ridiculously expensive embezzlement scheme at the southern border, now we want a red wall in Union County?

I continue to say that the solutions that I'll seek are neither the Republican or the Democratic solutions, but the best solutions. We could all work together and show that sometimes a progressive approach to an issue is better than a conservative one, and vice versa. But a wall?

Every issue that is facing Union County has been manufactured by the same folks that keep getting elected. What's the old saying? Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

Let's try this. Put your faith in people who want to work together. People who will avoid the childish squabbles that continue to haunt our local politics. People who will listen to all their constituents to hear what the people want.

There are two other Democrats running for County Commissioner on the November ballot with me. We don't see eye to eye on everything, and I expect that we'll still have many conversations to figure out the best approach to solving the issues that the current board have dropped in the county's lap. But, the one thing that all three of us agree on is that we need to have transparency. No last minute surprise board meetings. No private meetings with developers. Constant contact with the community. No walls blocking everyone's view of what's happening! If people in this county looked past a party affiliation and listened to ideas, this paper thin wall of "conservative" candidates would come crumbling down.

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