It's Not All Doom and Gloom...

I'll get back to exposing the poor decisions made by current, and potential, county commissioners in a minute, but let me take some time to explain why I would make the best choice in this year's election.

I believe that government should and can work for the people. The government is not a living, breathing organism. It is comprised of (imperfect) humans who have different ideas, motivations, and levels of corruptibility. When we elect people who want to see government work the way it is supposed to, we see the benefits for all. That's me. I don't have any personal ambitions that would interfere with my desire to serve the people of Union County. I'm not leveraging this for personal businesses, I'm not using this as a stepping stone for higher office, and I'm not trying to get elected to do anything other than serve the people. I have some wonderful ideas that I'm willing to share with my opponents in the hopes that they decide to adopt them.

Grants. The Federal government gives out billions of dollars in grants every year. All we have to do is ask! They have grants for sidewalk improvement, grants for repaving roads, grants for increased education funding, and grants for improving downtown districts. Just to be clear, these are our tax dollars getting sent to other states and counties so that they can improve their areas. Let's bring some of that money home!

Let's start electing folks who are determined to serve the people of Union County!

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