Is Monroe a Warning to the County?

Recently, in the city of Monroe, a town council flipped the city on its head. You see, back in January, the council voted to stop a zoning change that would allow yet another high density development be built in Monroe. The development committee recommended not rezoning the area. The newly elected council members ran on the promise to make smarter decisions when it came to growth. Then, the council voted no. Done and done!

Not quite.

Several weeks later, Mayor Holloway decided to bring the matter back up for a vote. Yes, that's correct. An issue that was researched, voted on, and applauded would once again face a vote. This time it passed and the area that only a month before was unsuitable for rezoning would be developed.

What changed? What meetings happened behind the scenes? This is a perfect example of the continued corruption we see from our leaders in the area. Not more than a week ago Stony Rushing bragged about his meetings with developers to put their concerns at ease. He didn't meet with me. Did he meet with you? Why do these folks get special meetings and what's being said? I promise to bring back a level of transparency that has long been forgotten in Union County. Help me return your trust to the folks who make decisions that affect you every day!!!

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