Why Do We Keep Falling for This?

Once again, I'm flabbergasted by the double-talk of the Republican politicians in Union County. How do these folks keep getting elected, not to mention maintain their standing in the community? I grew up in a world of "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." Year after year we watch these Republicans lie about their accomplishments and lie about their future plans. Why are they still in office? They have no one to blame but themselves. Water bill goes up? "Not our fault, but yes, we all voted for that". Taxes go up? "I don't understand how you can blame the people who voted for that for your tax increase". It is time for us to start paying better attention to what our "leaders" are actually doing.

In Stony Rushing's candidacy announcement (2022), he specifically used, and made all caps, the words "Proven Conservative" and "Conservative". What does that mean? Well, it is code for Republican. And what does that mean? Who the hell even knows anymore?! What is the Republican platform? I thought that it was based on lower taxes, but Stony's board of commissioners raised our taxes in 2021 by NOT putting forth the revenue neutral rate for a vote. The next assessment will be coming in 2025. Do we really want him, and anyone linked up with him, deciding our next tax rate? Typical Republican diversion. "Listen to what I say but ignore what I do." Let us start electing people who care about Union County, not themselves. The current board certainly does not want to work forward. Hell, at this point, I would settle for working at all.

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