Have You Ever Wondered....

Why do our local leaders make the decisions that they do? In a county where the most common complaint is unfettered growth, why do new developments keep getting approved? In a county where candidates run on promises of lowering taxes, do I pay more and more each year?

Well, I'm here to try to answer these questions.

If you look at the current commissioners, we can see why things aren't changing for the better around here. Of my three opponents, we see nothing but a history of racism, cronyism, and political games. Dennis Rape: Dennis was elected to the County Commission in 2018 after getting censured on the Union County School Board for racist comments. His position on the school board effectively negated, he turned his sights on County Commissioner. While running on a platform of fighting tax increases, he flipped on his voters and ensured that the expensive Yadkin Water Project moved forward, though cheaper options were available, raising our water prices. In 2021, following our property review, he voted to increase the amount of money we pay in county taxes. It appears that his decision to change his vote was because he was in a compromising position himself; hear it from Stony Rushing:

Stony Rushing: Stony has his own history of getting into compromising situations himself. How many times has his personal indiscretions influenced his actions as County Commissioner? While dressing up as Boss Hogg seems like a fun way to get your name in the media, it also fits the image of a local, corrupt politician using his position inappropriately. In 2016, after he became concerned that his extra-marital affair would become public knowledge, he tried to get ahead of the story. How did he try to do that? He used his daughter to file a restraining order against his mistress, alleging that his girlfriend was stalking, molestation, and assault. He represented himself as he took the case all the way to trial though he was unable to prove anything he was alleging in depositions. If you forgot the details, catch up on them here: Stony Rushing.

Melissa Merrill: The irony of censuring Dennis Rape when she was chair of the Union County School Board over racist comments is quite the head scratcher. As she herself has been accused of joining in such activities. In 2020 when she forced the resignation of another school board member, it was discovered she had "liked" the posts that he was being dismissed over. Don't worry, Melissa cleared herself of any wrongdoing. Read all about it here. Following the hypocrisy of her outrage at racism, she allowed Gary Sides to stay on the board, though he has some issues saying the quiet parts out loud himself. More on that here. One might think, after three members are embroiled in racist scandals, it would be a good idea to get as far away from this stuff as possible. But not Melissa! Being an active member of Moms For Liberty was her key to becoming County Commissioner. She joined this racist group to up her political name to make her run for County Commissioner easier. She went against doctors, scientists, health-professionals, and teachers to keep a mask optional policy in place even though it meant that hundreds, if not thousands, of kids would be unnecessarily quarantined for political clout. But in the end, Moms for Liberty have their goals on more than making kids sick. Their ultimate goal appears to be bringing back segregation.

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