Gun Responsibility

Frankly, it’s not an issue that a county commissioner can have too much power over. A leftist commissioner cannot take away your guns any more than a conservative can order you to buy one. It is an absurd issue to run on at this level, but since I have this platform to talk about it, I’ll let you know my feelings.

“Well-Regulated Militia”. The phrase that ammosexuals are most likely to leave out of any conversation about gun responsibility. The well-regulated militia that is referenced in the second amendment is the Guard. Each state has the power to have a military force. This exists. You are probably not in a well-regulated militia. They have the guns for you in the event they need to be issued.

“Home Defense”. Absolutely. If you want a pistol to defend your castle, by all means get one. Few, if any, pieces of legislation want to ban handguns. Home invasions tend to be committed by amateurs with only 12% of them planned*. This means you are not going to encounter a team of ex-Navy Seal mercenaries coming to steal your favorite recliner. If you cannot hold off a burglar or two looking for drugs or drug money with a handgun, you are a shitty shot and are not responsible enough to own ANY guns much less a weapon of war.*

“Who do you think is going to take your guns?”. Folks who own 15 guns, proudly display a “Don’t Tread on Me” bumper sticker, and fly a blue lives matter flag have a fantasy where a Democratic lawmaker is going to show up at their doorstep and ask them to turn over their guns. The long list of bills proposed by Democrats trying to take your guns included only extending background checks, including increased waiting periods (from 3 to 10 days), and efforts to curb gun purchases by suspected terrorists**. So, if you fall into those categories as mentally unstable domestic abusing terrorists, yes, your guns may be in danger. But again, who is coming for them? The police you dummy! The folks who you so greatly admire. The folks that you have urged others to just comply with for years. And let’s face it, North Carolina’s well-regulated militia will absolutely decimate you. As a veteran and admirer of those who serve, I would be pissed if you took out one of our fine American soldiers before you were blown to pieces.

Lefties Own Guns Too. Yup! A lot of them! Especially here in Union County. The idea that anyone, left or right, is working to remove your guns is absurd. Do not get me wrong, I have hopes that responsible gun owners win, and certain types are not allowed to be in the possession of citizens who can’t pass a background check. But that is not even on anyone’s radar. This is a strawman argument made by NRA backed extremists to make sure that folks keep voting against representatives trying to help folks.

This may appear to be a target against one of my opponents who owns and operates a training range. Just the opposite. I believe that individuals who want to shoot high-powered weapons should be able to do it in a controlled environment under the supervision of professionals. If you have a large cache of war weapons, storing them at a firing range’s armory to visit and shoot there would be a great solution in my opinion. Those guns would be less likely to wind up in the hands of a mentally unstable individual looking to do mass harm.

Pointed lawn darts, a family yard game, were banned in 1988 after the deaths of three children***. Most of us have a low tolerance for unnecessary deaths. We should want to get that number as close to zero as possible. I drive slowly in school zones with heightened senses looking for a child that may not be paying attention. I stop when I see a school bus's lights flashing. I even tell my nephew to stop climbing too high in a tree. Nobody else taking these precautions cry about their freedoms. It is not about freedom, it is responsibility.

If standing up for gun responsibility eliminates just one child’s death, it is all worth it.




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