A Little More About Me...

I have two interesting quirks that will ensure you are getting the leadership you deserve in Union County.

I love feedback! Love it! I love hearing from people, I love sharing ideas, and I love using inputs to fashion a response. I believe that our government, at every level, is supposed to function by listening to what the citizens want and need. Why, when most of the county doesn't want over-development, do we still have our leaders voting to approve new projects? Sure, there's a comment period that allows for feedback, but doesn't it seem like it's just part of the procedure? It only happens because they HAVE to let us speak, but never really consider what's being said? The developer has their answer long before the public gets to speak on the issue.

I can change my mind. Yup! You read that correctly; based on new evidence, I can change my mind. Whether it be feedback from the community, or certified experts telling me that my preconceived ideas may be flawed, I can change my mind. Now, before my opponents get all excited, my basic beliefs can't be moved, but how to meet those challenges can be. My basic stance is "for the people". There it is. Today, that means that we need to lower taxes, provide better housing options for all income levels, and bring business, not just minimum wage jobs, to the area. These beliefs are unflappable. The different ways to achieve these goals can be laid out for me and I will always take the one that is for the people of Union County. As soon as an expert comes in and says, "Kevin, the best way to bring a business into Union County is to lower their tax rate", I'll consider it, even though I think that businesses should at least pay a fair share.

What I won't consider is a fellow County Commissioner saying "In order to lower the business tax rate, we need to raise property taxes again". See the difference?

Let's start electing leaders who welcome and consider feedback. Let's start looking for leaders who put the people of Union County first.

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