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Stop Raising Taxes

Stop raising taxes. Revenue neutral rates only. If our property values continue to rise, which they will, our tax rate needs to be reduced so that the amount we pay each year stays the same or goes down. In 2021, after our latest property evaluation, there was a lot of talk about "conservative approaches" to lowering taxes but in the end, the board voted to raise the amount we paid by not lowering the tax rate enough. We can't let leadership that talks out both sides of their mouth make these kinds of decisions. Bringing back honesty, and trust in county leadership, is my biggest goal.

Controlled Growth

Union County is going to keep growing. That is unavoidable. It is a great place to live and raise a family. Though we can't control how many people will love living here, we can control the when and where growth happens. Current leaders have been abandoning that responsibility. If elected, I will reduce rezoning allotments, treat developers like citizens, and not allow special meetings for them to plead their case outside the public view. Additionally, I will solicit, and rely on, public feedback on all proposed developments and make the committee listen to their constituents instead of ignoring the will of the people.


Have you ever tried to contact one of our County Commissioners about a problem with the roads? Here is the typical response: "That's an issue for the state, we don't have any control over that". Well, I have no interest in leaders that say "that's not my job". If someone has an issue, and you don't have the power to fix it, you find out who does have the power  and you work with them until it's fixed. That is the difference between serving the people who elected you and serving yourself.

Animal Welfare

As an animal lover, with three spoiled pups, I would hope that all pet owners treat their furry friends like they're a part of the family. Our latest addition, Sherlock, was found two and a half years ago running across a busy road with a harness barely hanging off of his neck and a tattered lead behind him. The county was still wet from a thunderstorm the night before and he was soaking wet. He couldn't have been more than 6 weeks old and weighed less than 15 pounds. 
Pets are family. Leaving animals tied up outside for extended periods of time, regardless of weather conditions, should be a crime.
If you elect me as County Commissioner, I will review our animal control procedures, and partner with the courageous organizations helping to rescue animals in Union County to see how we can best serve our four legged friends.

Business Friendly

When we hear news stories about new jobs coming to the area, they tend to be another fast food or chain restaurant franchise opening up. Let's try to support small businesses and mom and pop restaurants that add a variety of choices to downtown areas. As our towns continue to grow, we must control the growth we want to see. Do we want to see three more fast food chains open up or should we allow three local entrepreneurs find the resources to thrive in our community. Smart growth supporting small businesses is the future of Union County!

Conservative Values Are Not What You Think

How many federal grants are out there for us to use to improve our county? How many state grants are available to help the citizens of Union County? Plenty! But a group of people claiming "conservative values" will never ask for this money to come to Union County. Our tax dollars are going to other parts of the state, and country, that has leadership smart enough to ask for this money back. I can't put an end to paying federal taxes, but I can bring those tax dollars back to Union County and make sure that your money isn't being sent to Nebraska!