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Kevin Daniels for County Commissioner

Working Forward!

Union County is a wonderful place to live. The small-town atmospheres mixed with fashionable eateries and family friendly events make this a desirable destination for visitors and residents alike. Even though we are living in these beautiful surroundings, we still have our fair share of problems that need attention. It's time that voters have the choice to elect individuals who are beholden to the citizens and not their politics.


Kicking Off a Common Sense Campaign

March 3, 2022

This is the inaugural post on Kevin's new website announcing his candidacy for Union County Commissioner! Kevin is a retired veteran who wants to continue dedicating his life to working in service to the public. After spending years of helping some of the best people in Union County run for office, he wants to throw his name on the ballot in hopes that the voters will respond to his different kind of approach.

Kevin appreciates the hard work of a grassroots campaign and is counting on small donations and local volunteers to help him get across the finish line. His message is simple; For the People.

Please take some time, and check in frequently, to continue to explore his platform. While Kevin's focus is on the out of control growth and huge tax increases, he's also interested in what you think. Check out the forum for your chance to ask a question, or email him directly at!


How Much Did Your Taxes Go Up?

The one thing we keep hearing is a promise to stop raising taxes. So why did my property taxes go up 18% this year? Pay attention to what the current county commissioners are doing. They lowered the tax rate, but due to the increase in property values, we still wound up paying more money. Lowering the rate to avoid a tax increase would be called choosing a revenue neutral rate. Want to see how much your Union County property taxes went up this year? Click the button below and, if you'd like, share with others!


Mailing Address:

Kevin for Union

1004 Skywatch Ln
Monroe, NC 28112

Email Addresses:

Candidate: Kevin Daniels
Campaign Manager: Anna Carpenter

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